Bridgewall is a provider of partition wall solutions designed with aesthetics and acoustics in mind. We believe that office partitions are a major contributor to the user experience of an office. We recognize that users of our systems will walk through doors we have designed every day for years to come. Users will also depend on our products for acoustical privacy in confidential meetings and phone calls. We seek to impress every client with the attention to detail and quality of our partition solutions.

Our Expertise

When specifying partitions the options are endless. Endless options allows for the easy accomodation of many unique needs and applications of partitions. Bridgewall representatives recognize that our industry is complex and diverse. Bridgewall consultants ensure that every clients unique needs are identified. Every project is unique in aesthetic requirements, acoustic needs, budget constraints, and project timeline. Bridgewall focuses on ensuring a tailored experience because we know, and everyone should know, that partitions are not an off-the-shelf product.

Glass partition systems that mitigate sound and accommodate custom hardware and finishes

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